THE BOOK CLUB! Reviews (Sydney, September 2015)

“Amanda Muggleton unleashes off-the-record tour de fun. Can I speak off the record? The problem, you see, is that this is the sort of show at which we beard-tugging critics are supposed to sneer; to denounce its modest artistic ambitions; lampoon its broad appeal. However, between you and me, it’s actually rather fun. And funny. And such a tour de force for Amanda Muggleton that it’s hard to imagine anyone doing it better.

Roger Hall’s one-woman play has been sufficiently tarted up by Rodney Fisher for the director to receive an “adapted by” credit, and he and Muggleton have certainly milked every laugh.


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It’s not a bed of roses, however, and the bitter-sweet irony of much of what transpires sees off any danger of excessive cuteness. Amanda Muggleton is a unique powerhouse of energy and chutzpah. Nothing seems to faze her – even a gent who fell asleep in the front row on opening night and found himself part of the show thereafter – and her willingness to connect with an audience and interact with whatever’s happening is startling and charming. The Ensemble season is already heavily sold and if you want to see and be entertained by a real deal theatre legend: get your skates on and buy tickets now.


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