‘Masterclass’ Reviews & Interviews – Updated!

“Amanda Muggleton immerses herself on centre stage. The renown Australian actress returns to the spotlight in an interactive theatre experience.” THE DAILY EDITION (INTERVIEW)
WATCH: https://au.news.yahoo.com/the-daily-edition/video/watch/39606534/amanda-muggleton-immerses-herself-on-centre-stage/


“Full interview on last week’s Studio 10? appearance” STUDIO 10 (TV INTERVIEW)
WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1EE-Sx9VsU


“Amanda Muggleton chats to Cathy Osmond” THE AUSTRALIAN (INTERVIEW)
READ: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/weekend-australian-magazine/qa-amanda-muggleton-actor-singer-66/news-story/93181bff95efa3e504f8408840d79cc1


“Australian Amanda Muggleton? stars as #Callas and speaks to Alan Jones? about the production, the woman and the unbelievable true story that was Maria Callas?’ life.” 2GB 873 - SYDNEY TALK RADIO (INTERVIEW)
LISTEN: https://www.2gb.com/aussie-stars-as-the-original-kardashian-maria-callas/


“Amanda Muggleton as Maria Callas? is a diva masterclass!  Amanda Muggleton? doesn’t hold back when she talks about playing Maria Callas in Terrence McNally’s Master Class. “It’s the greatest gift any female actress can ever be given,” she says of the role that won her the 2002 Helpmann Award.” THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (INTERVIEW)


“ACTOR Amanda Muggleton? is adamant – #Masterclass is a show about a real passage in the life of legendary operatic soprano Maria Callas. But its not … Amanda Muggleton channels her inner diva as the legendary soprano Maria Callas? in Masterclass, at Sydney Opera House? until April 8.” DAILY TELEGRAPH (INTERVIEW)


“What takes the play, directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher, beyond melodramatic cliché is Amanda Muggleton’s astonishing portrayal of Callas. Amanda Muggleton? has played this role intermittently for nearly 20 years and has truly made it her own.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD / WA TODAY (REVIEW)


“Muggleton is commanding. Her performance is now polished to a shine but also feels fresh, probably because she’s enjoying it so much. But she also captures a vulnerability in this overpowering woman. It’s as if Callas’s overblown self-confidence is sometimes an attempt to convince herself that she is happy.” STAGE WHISPERS (REVIEW)


“Masterclass? is overlong but consistently funny, when not downright terrifying, and Amanda Muggleton? is at the very top of her form.” STAGE NOISE (REVIEW)


“There are no fancy sets or staging here. This is a simple production focusing on the strength and power of Amanda Muggleton?’s intense, driven portrayal of the aging Callas. It is not always comfortable to watch, but it is most definitely worth the effort.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE (REVIEW)


“Muggleton ensures that the audience is in awe of Callas as she incites fear and also respect for the dedication and determination and depth of understanding of what makes a great performance.” BROADWAY WORLD (REVIEW)


“Muggleton can naturally play big and has the intensity to pull off this character. “ SYDNEY CHIC (REVIEW)


“The best that one could hope for, is to come close, and actor Amanda Muggleton certainly does. Her astounding familiarity with the material and the technical precision she applies to it, are enough to impress, but the poignancy and disarming sense of spirit that she frequently delivers, not only has us captivated, we find ourselves moved, powerfully so, by her character’s unpredictably profound observations.” SUZY GOES SEE (REVIEW)


“Ms Muggleton must be praised for her intensity, timing and sheer tour de force.” ON THE TOWN (REVIEW)


“Muggleton is a consummate performer who, with blazing eyes and statuesque bearing, captures the passion and fragility of Callas, portraying the raw, almost skinless emotional state of the diva who seems too sensitive for the real world.” **** HERALD SUN (REVIEW)


“Muggleton personifies Maria Callas as a demanding, volatile diva, and a powerful figure in the world of opera. The opening night of Masterclass in Melbourne is complete with a grateful audience and a well-deserved standing ovation.” WEEKEND NOTES (REVIEW)


“Amanda Muggleton outstanding in portrait of a flawed diva, writes William Yeoman. “The passages where Muggleton inhabits the character of Onassis are frightening. And unprintable…”  ”it is in Muggleton’s interactions with her fellow cast members that we see the full range of Callas’ character and Muggleton’s acting skills on display…”  ”…brilliantly performed.” ***** THE WEST AUSTRALIAN (REVIEW)


“While much of Callas’ banter in comedic and cutting, the play takes turns into darker corners of her life when she recounts different men who have loomed over her. While Muggleton is sensational in her portrayal of Callas, it’s when she morphs into Aristotle Onassis that she really shows off her dramatic skills.” OUT IN PERTH (REVIEW)


“Muggleton delivered caustic humour, flying insults and real vulnerability in a performance that never flagged. Muggleton dominated the stage from the moment of her arrival” LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE (REVIEW)


“The audience becomes the class and Maria teaches with a fury and self-belief that can only come from a true Diva. Amanda Muggleton’s performance is outstanding, and deserved the standing ovation on Opening Night.” STAGE WHISPERS (REVIEW)


“WELL known Australian actor Amanda Muggleton is used to playing strong women who have made their mark in history. She pulled out all stops for the role of famous opera singer Maria Callas in a brand-new production of Master Class opening in Perth next month. “I have always played strong women which I am so lucky to do,” says Muggleton speaking by phone from the Blue Mountains in NSW which she is visiting with a Perth friend on her day off.” HAVE A GO NEWS (INTERVIEW)


“…she is absolutely superb. Her Callas is a perfect piece of performance in which she takes to heart the messsage of #Masterclassby totally entering the persona of her character.” STAGE DIARY (REVIEW)


“She is truly wonderful to watch. If you have even a smidgeon of interest in opera, Masterclass is unmissable. If you enjoy seeing an actor at the height of her considerable powers, the same applies. ” SEESAW MAGAZINE (REVIEW)


“(She) remains one of our most generous and formidable stage presences. So it’s a sort of double act, Callas and Muggleton, and the actor displays her great gifts, an ability to both capture a character, to show us its height and depth.” FROM THE TURNSTILES (REVIEW)


“Amanda Muggleton has a career spanning roles from Prisoner to Shirley Valentine but her favourite is playing the original diva – opera singer Maria Callas in Masterclass. She has returned to the part that won her Helpmann and Green Room awards in 2002 and could not be happier. “The best role I’ve ever played is Maria Callas,” Muggleton said.” EASTERN REPORTER (INTERVIEW)


“Amanda Muggleton talks ‘Masterclass’ with Leigh Drew on CASEY RADIO 97.7FM (INTERVIEW)