THE BOOK CLUB - “It was wonderfully executed by Amanda Muggleton, who was word perfect throughout a 90 minute performance packed with dialogue. She was good…very good. An absolute treat!” EVERYTHING THEATRE (UK)

THE BOOK CLUB - “If I had been wearing a hat, I would have taken it off to Amanda Muggleton.” BRITISH THEATRE (UK)

THE BOOK CLUB – “What really elevates this show is Amanda herself, you don’t feel for one second that you are watching a performance, it’s all so incredibly natural.” THEATRE WEEKLY (UK)

THE BOOK CLUB - “She switches from character to character with ease and expert timing, each one with a different accent that she remarkably nails without let up.” GAY TIMES

HAIRSPRAY – “Turnblad’s rival Velma was brought to life by Amanda Muggleton, oozing wickedness and an insatiable need to succeed.” SCENESTR

THE BOOK CLUB - “Muggleton entertains with her animated face and flamboyant gesticulations while she chats conversationally with the audience as if they were her confidantes” HERALD SUN

THE BOOK CLUBMuggleton throws herself with total abandon – and much hilarity – into the physically explicit storyline, but also offers a masterclass in minimalism, expressing hugely complicated emotions with the most economical and simple of gestures.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE

THE BOOK CLUB - “The play and Amanda Muggleton are marvelous…..a tour de force.” SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

THE BOOK CLUB - “Amanda Muggleton is uproariously funny, achingly honest and admirably brave.” THEATRE NOW

THE BOOK CLUB – “Amanda Muggleton is simply brilliant. If you only see one play this year, make it THE BOOKCLUB.” THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

BOSTON MARRIAGE – “Amanda Muggleton gives a diva performance as Anna, who is outrageously pretentious; part spoilt brat, part manipulative b*tch, part love struck fool, but always fabulously over-the-top.” AUSSIE THEATRE

BOSTON MARRIAGE – “This is Amanda Muggleton at her best. Is there nothing she can’t play?” THE BLURB

BOSTON MARRIAGE – “She is supported, of course, by some exceptional acting talent, particularly from Amanda Muggleton, undoubtedly one of our stage’s greatest luminaries.” THE CREATIVE ISSUE

ANNIE – “Returning to the role of Miss Hannigan, which she played in the 2000 professional tour, Amanda Muggleton brings a full bag of tricks to her delusional comic villain archetype.” STAGE WHISPERS

BLOOD BROTHERS - “At times the theatre was filled with so much dry ice it seemed like we were enveloped in a Liverpool fog, but despite that the light that shone above it all was Amanda Muggleton. It was her show. She was the jewel of this production.” STAGE WHISPERS

BLOOD BROTHERS - “It’s easy to understand why. Muggleton has wowed our audiences, most notably in Russell’s Educating Rita and Shirley Valentine, repeatedly and unfailingly for so many years that the actress and playwright are inextricably linked in our hearts and minds.” THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

THE HAM FUNERAL – “All the actors are excellent, with Muggleton giving a standout performance as the landlady, Mrs Lusty. “ ARTS HUB

THE HAM FUNERAL – “Amanda Muggleton, Jonathan Mill, Geoff Revell and Jonathon Elsom command this style of theatre with the energy required of a vaudevillian and an assurance that keeps the audience engaged.” AUSSIE THEATRE

THE HAM FUNERAL – “Amanda Muggleton has a mighty job on her hands, and I believe performed excellently. I found this a truly exciting performance to watch.” BAREFOOT REVIEW

JUST THE TICKET - “Somehow, the illustrious career of Amanda Muggleton has, ostensibly, passed me by. I’m the poorer for it. In Ensemble’s world premiere of Just The Ticket, by English writer Peter Quilter, she’s so astonishingly, enviably expert and effortless it’s eye-watering (for other actors, anyway).” CRIKEY (Web)

JUST THE TICKET - “Muggleton’s comfort and ease with herself and her material were instantaneously transferred through to the audience. You almost felt as if she actually was good friends with a great number of audience members and wasn’t afraid to stop for a casual chat!” ARTS HUB

JUST THE TICKET - “the irrepressible Muggleton grabs every chance, works the room, breaks the ‘fourth wall’ with ease.” STAGE WHISPERS

JUST THE TICKET – “Amanda Muggleton has performed what can only be described as a fantastic role for the simple fact she is on stage throughout the entire performance by herself and can only rely on the text and her skills as an actor… without an interval! So I do take my hat of to her for this very strong performance.” SAMESAME.COM.AU

THE THREEPENNY OPERA – “noone can question the intensity of her presence, or efficacy, as the domineering, take-no-prisoners Mrs Peachum” CRIKEY

THE THREEPENNY OPERA – “Amanda Muggleton is brilliant” ARTS HUB

MASTER CLASS - “Amanda Muggleton is sublime and devastating as La divina in Master Class.” ADELAIDE SUNDAY MAIL

MASTER CLASS – “Amanda Muggleton is Maria Callas… this is probably the peformance of her life.” THE AGE

PRIVATES ON PARADE - “Amanda Muggleton as always never seems to strike a false note.” TV WEEK

BREMEN COFFEE - “Amanda Muggleton makes a compelling figure out of the meek, highly religious lady who seeks freedom from male domination.” THE AUSTRALIAN

Bremen Coffee : “and the cast, particularly Amanda Muggleton as the muderess Geesche Gottfried, had the opening night audience in fits of laughter.” The Sun, 6 October 1980

BREMEN COFFEE – “The production is impeccable. Amanda Muggleton plays the woman’s role with an unruffled air and a nice sense of style.” THE AGE

ANTIGONE – “Muggleton’s Antigone is passionate and deeply felt.” THE AGE

ANTIGONE – “Amanda Muggleton gives a riveting performance in the title role.” THE MELBOURNE TIMES

MEASURE FOR MEASURE – “Amanda Muggleton is an outstanding Isabella.” THE ADVOCATE

MEASURE FOR MEASURE – “But the most outstanding performance is by Amanda Muggleton as Isabella, the intended nun. She combines a saintly sweetness with an unreasonable selfishness.” THE SUN

DIRTY LINEN – “Amanda Muggleton, who i might mention, is the most luscious drop of talent I’ve seen on stage in a long time.” MELBOURNE NEWS

HELLO & GOODBYE – “…succeeds both through the strength of Fugard’s language and human vision and through an excellent performance by Amanda Muggleton as the girl.” NATIONAL TIMES

MACBETH – “Amanda as Lady Macbeth shows that the good form exhibited at La Mama in Fugard’s ‘Hello & Goodbye’ is no flash in the pan.” THE AUSTRALIAN